Vince, a Mocolab operator configures a rig with the Bolt Jr+ Robot in frame looking at ice in a glass.

2 Years of Mocolab

Mocolab turns two years old this month. 🎂


As we celebrate two years in business we’re sending a huge THANK YOU from the team at Mocolab and Expressway Cinema Rentals for your trust in us as your motion control specialists – and for a preview of what we’re cooking up at the lab.


Our Bolt Jr+ gets two HUGE upgrades: 

1 – New 12” riser extends the Bolt’s overhead reach 🦒📈

The Bolt robot with it's new riser and programmer Mike standing next to it with a tape measure showing 84 inches all

Bottie (our Bolt Jr+) grows 1 foot taller with a new riser. Perfect to reach above eye level with the tall athletes (cough, cough – 76ers and Wizards), and this higher base height expands our reach overhead when shooting tabletop.

2-  Step Up Transformer to use a STANDARD OUTLET! ⚡️🔌


A meme of Drake from hotline bling, rejecting a generator but excited about Mocolab's 120-230v step up transformer

2-  Step Up Transformer to use a STANDARD OUTLET! ⚡️🔌

We now have a 110/120v-230v step up transformer to run off of a standard 120V 20 amp outlet. Bye-bye generators and L14-30r outlet demands.

New Motion Control Solution 👀

One of the most common requests we receive is the request for a simpler solution than our flagship Bolt offering. Something extremely portable, battery operable, with little setup. Now we have one, introducing our 6 axis motion controller, the SA2.6. This unit integrates directly with the DJI RS2/3 and Dana Dolly/RigWheels Passport slider to offer simple slider based motion control with pan, tilt, roll, and track as well as additional third party connectivity to turntables, stepper motors, and controllers like Streamdeck and Skaarhoj

What’s next for Mocolab

We’re incredibly excited to have accomplished what we have to-date- but we know we’re only scratching the surface of what we can do in the motion control and robotics space.

We plan to continue pushing the envelope by adding additional control to our physical space with enhanced rig building capabilities, as well as motion controlled sets and lighting.

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