What is camera motion control?

Camera motion control employs robotics and software purpose built for filmmaking to simplify the process of creating camera moves in precise, repeatable ways.

Our Bolt Jr+ robot can shoot virtually any camera move without the need for complicated rigging. It’s a 6 axis robot arm, with a 7th axis of motion provided by it’s motorized track..


MRMC Bolt Jr+

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Vision Research Phantom Veo Camera

Phantom Veo 4k

One tool to create a slider, jib, orbital, dolly, dolly-zoom,
roll or any combination of these moves in a few minutes

Repeatable Motion Control

Repeatable motion control
Precision Tracking

Precision Tracking

Tabletop & Product Shot

Tabletop and product
VFX & Virtual Production

VFX & Virtual Production

Highspeed Precision

Highspeed Motion Control
Stop Motion Camera

Stop Motion & Timelapse

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