Meet the Team

Mike Greenberg

Mike Greenberg

Managing Partner, Lead Bolt Operator

Mike leads the day-to-day operations for Mocolab, developing creative solutions using motion control to help agencies and directors answer, “How can we shoot this differently?”

Outside of Mocolab Mike Greenberg is an Emmy nominated Director + Producer specialized in sports, adventure and tech projects, delivering content characterized by its authenticity and kinetic nature.

Vince Perretti

Bolt Operator

As somebody who has primarily worked after the cameras stop rolling, Vince’s expertise is bringing a VFX mindset to production in order to work not only efficiently but creatively on set. That foresight leads to smoother shoots and the chance to explore in the moment. Why “fix it in post” when you can do it right the first time?

Mocolab Global network

Access to a Global Network of MRMC Operators

Confidently deploy motion control, anywhere, anytime.

Mocolab works collaboratively with the motion control community to source the correct tools and operators for the right job. 

We have access to a global network of skilled motion control operators, SFX riggers, stylists and other specialists.

In-house we have a Bolt Jr+ with 30′ track and turntable.  

As needed we contract larger high-speed rigs like the Bolt and Bolt X, or a Milo for macro tabletop work. 

Expressway Cinema Rentals

As an Expressway Cinema Rentals company, you can expect the same level of dependability and high level of service clients rely upon for their rental needs, supported by the same team.

Arri Alexa
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