What is Mocolab?

Mocolab is short for motion control laboratory.
We combine cinematography and robotics to engineer amazing visuals for clients.

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mocolab robot arm on film shoot with boxer
1 lb
1 ft
1 v
Single Phase Power
1 '
Precision Motorized Track

Mocolab’s system includes a Bolt Jr+ with a compact base, 3 sections of track, and a motion control turntable.

The MRMC Bolt platform offers 7-axes of camera control. 6-axes of movement are provided by the robot arm, and the 7th dimension when combined with precision track. The only comparable experience would be manipulating a camera in 3D software.

If it’s precise, high-speed, and repeatable moves you need, the Bolt is the tool for you. Proven from Hollywood films to award winning commercials, and now available to you.

A trained Bolt operator will collaborate with you to bring the shot to life.